Should I Stop disinfecting? What to do after you get the Covid-19 Vaccine.

Hooray For Vaccines!

It is finally the time we have all been waiting for as over 200 million COVID-19 vaccines have been given to the American people. After the incredibly hard year everyone has endured, the signs of light and better days are coming to us! While this is something to celebrate, there are precautions that are still in place for people’s safety. If you have gotten the COVID-19 vaccine yourself, I am sure it is a breath of fresh air that was incredibly due for.

What To Do After You Get Vaccinated?

We have almost normalized the “COVID safe” life, so some might question how we are to come back from this. We are still wearing masks, cleaning our spaces, and keeping our distance generally. If you got your dose, you might wonder what to do after you get vaccinated…which is fair considering what we have all dealt with this past year.

The COVID vaccine is tremendous. We have seen COVID numbers drop dramatically in some areas of the country. Those who have gotten it are at significantly less risk to contract the virus.

With that being said – experts say that what to do after you get vaccinated needs to still be in line with FDA recommendations as there is not enough data to support that they do not have the ability to carry the virus. So there is still a chance when vaccinated that one can carry the virus and spread it to others that may not be vaccinated themselves.

What Does This Mean?

If you are wondering to yourself “should I stop disinfecting?” the answer is no. Even after vaccination, disinfecting is still very important. Covid has reminded us that we as people can carry deadly viruses and other harmful bacteria. Our lives and our health are linked in the most intensive ways. Without one, you cannot have the other.

Throughout this whole ongoing process of figuring out the best possible way of life, a large part of restrictions was in the social sphere. At one point we were relatively not allowed out of our homes in any aspect, but the more we researched about the virus we had the ability to make policies that align with the risk.

No one knew a pandemic of this size was going to happen at the time that it did. That being said, we never know what harmful germs we are exposing ourselves to at any point in time. So, with the risk of vaccinated individuals being able to still spread the virus and the newfound grasp we have of harmful bacteria- it is still needed to have a high standard of cleanliness.

What To Do After You Get Vaccinated, Should I Stop Disinfecting

Considering this is new territory for most people on earth at this moment, the vaccine comes with a lot of questions. ‘Should I stop Disinfecting, am I completely safe, are others around me safe?’ are just some completely valid thoughts that might come to mind.

When looking at the research and facts concluded by experts, we still have to have our guard up. Even after being vaccinated, the risk of spreading covid, along with other harmful bacteria is still high. To continue to protect the public, we must continue to follow the guidelines and opinions of scientists.

Considering our increasingly large population of over 300 million people, it is going to be a long time before everyone that needs the vaccine receives one. It will be even longer before everyone, in general, receives it and we are able to eradicate it. This means that keeping others safe and yourself safe still remains to be a top priority.

Should I Stop Disinfecting?

In places like China where they have been giving the vaccine out longer than the United States, they are still having outbreaks. The vaccine is not the shot of freedom everyone is hoping for, but it is getting us closer to a normal life. To be back to normal is going to require more than everyone receiving their vaccine. It is going to require a continuation of careful practices by the public.

Since we are still experimenting with the vaccine, no one is sure about its long-term implications. We are not sure how long immunization lasts. It is not known how exactly protected one is after the vaccine. There are still a lot of questions that only time and more research will answer.

A large theme during this trying time included “better safe than sorry”. Since we did not know virtually anything about this virus during the start of this, we took the most precautions necessary until we were able to better understand what we were dealing with.

Since there are still unanswered questions about the vaccine, playing “better safe than sorry” is still a major theme to live by. By living like this, you save lives. So disinfecting is still very important, just as it was at the beginning of the pandemic.

We Can Help

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