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When it comes to the intersectionality of the environment and cleaning you cannot find another company that knows the game better than us. The environmental impact of everything we do is more important now than ever before. Having a clean and disinfected space is also a large part of our daily lives now, thanks to COVID-19. At Enviro Safe LLC, we use nothing but the best products to ensure the best quality for our clients. We not only use the best quality disinfectants but have the best prices and use eco-friendly products. Located in Sterling Virginia, we bring our services to Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland.


To promise only the best for our customers, one of the antimicrobials we utilize is Penetrexx. This eco-friendly antimicrobial has a long history of giving premier results with the smallest eco-footprint. It provides deep-rooted anti-bacterial and anti-virus-fighting agents that prove to be 99.99% effective.


Penetrexx Antimicrobial Surface Protectant benefits

  • Long-lasting and highly effective against harmful viruses and bacteria, kills 99.99%.
  • Forms an active barrier that bonds to surfaces – For long term protection between cleanings.
  • Environmentally friendly NON-TOXIC / Non-leaching antimicrobial technology.
  • Reduces the risk of cross contamination on high touch and at-risk surfaces.
  • Long-lasting residual surface protection substantially reducing ATP counts and HAI’s between regularly scheduled cleaning protocols.
  • Approved for use on cutting boards, meat slicers, and all your food contact surfaces.
  • Protective barrier reduces cross-contamination on high touch and at-risk surfaces.
  • Provides freshness and protection between cleanings and while your facility is in use.
  • Fast and convenient spray and wipe application.
  • Test data proves the product still active after 6 months providing round-the-clock protection on surfaces to which it has been applied.
  • The Si-Quat can be applied to hard, soft, porous, or non-porous surfaces, textiles, and almost any surface that needs to be protected in a health-related environment.
  • Bonds to any surface creating a molecular bond with the surface to which it is applied, effectively becoming a part of that surface.
  • Will not change or alter surfaces to which it is applied.
  • Easily incorporated into standard cleaning protocols.
  • Penetrexx is a stable solution that prevents the active ingredient from settling out or clumping while in suspension, allowing application to a surface to be more consistent and effective in the reduction of ATP scores


How it works

  • Protective Barrier reduces the risk of bacterial cross-contamination on high touch, high-risk surfaces
  • Forms shield on treated surfaces, providing a barrier of protection between cleanings
  • Available in quarts or gallons for convenient spray-and-wipe applications, and totes for electrostatic spray applications
  • Reduces risk of Covid-19, MRSA, and Staph infections in the gym and athletic areas


Diverse range of Penetrexx

This eco-friendly antimicrobial has the ability to be used on various different surfaces and environments. The versatility of its abilities allows for virtually any space to benefit from Penetrexx. Some of these surfaces include; Appliances and equipment, building materials,  collection, and storage equipment (such as conveyor belts, piping systems, silos, tanks, and process vessels), cookware, countertops, food wrap (including coated deli paper, coated meat interleavers, and plastic wrap), general purpose containers, glazing for cement tile, glazing for vitreous china used in plumbing fixtures (such as sinks and countertops), industrial equipment, natural and synthetic fibers, and fabrics, packaging, paper products (such as wipes, tissues, wall coverings, towels), plastic film, sinks.

Environmentally Friendly Antimicrobial

The diverse range of environments also presents this environmentally friendly antimicrobial. From hospitals, nursing homes, medical and dental offices, and clinics, healthcare facilities, physician offices, operating rooms/theaters, radiology rooms, isolation wards, quarantine areas, hospices, medical research facilities, washing areas, ICU areas, acute care institutions, alternate care institutions, home healthcare institutions, sick rooms to newborn nurseries, neonatal units, orthopedics, respiratory therapy, blood collection rooms, the EPA has approved use.


This shows that not only should you trust this antimicrobial, but the people who have the highest risk of sickness, that depend on these types of antimicrobials, also trust it. It is approved for use on food contact surfaces and all indoor and outdoor surfaces. For use as an antimicrobial to preserve finished food contact articles subject to FDA regulations. The food contact substances (FCS) will be used as an additive without food type or temperature limitation in food preparation surfaces. For use on food preparation surfaces where the food contact substance is either incorporated into the resin, a food laminate layer or applied to the surface as part of a coating.


Better than the rest 

When it comes to environmentally friendly antimicrobial, Pennetrexx is better than the rest. There are multiple studies where this is highlighted and proven to be true. One study showed Penetrexx performed 29% better than untreated or those treated with competitor’s product. Another study highlighted Penetrexx performed 37% better than untreated surfaces and 72% better than competitor’s products on surfaces treated.


Enviro Safe 

Enviro Safe, LLC, the newest division of Phoenix Service, LLC. Our company focus is on disinfection, specializing in Halo whole room disinfection and Electrostatic Disinfection. With products approved by the EPA and FDA, Enviro Safe offers our customers peace of mind knowing they are receiving the best eco-friendly disinfectant service available. We eliminate surface and airborne bacteria, viruses, spores, and other harmful bacteria with up to 6 log kill 99.9999% for whole room disinfection. Whether at home or your place of business, trust Enviro Safe for the most effective and affordable solutions for your disinfecting needs. Our trained professionals look forward to serving you. Contact us today for more information and to receive a quote for any of our services. We service our customers 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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