Disinfecting | What Separates Enviro Safe From The Rest

The use of disinfectants has been a norm for the longest time, especially in facilities with high chances of harboring pathogens and other infectious microorganisms. Disinfectants are crucial in preventing the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses. The last few months have seen a tremendous increase in the use of disinfecting products. This is excellent news because antiseptic products play an essential role in reducing the number of new infections concerning not only C0VID-19 but also other diseases. According to Research And Markets, the surface disinfectant market is valued at $490m and is expected to reach $900m by 2025. With the growing awareness of the importance of disinfectants, the market will keep growing even after the suppression of COVID-19.

Disinfectants and Poisoning

Though disinfectants are vital regarding the control of coronavirus, improper use of the chemicals can lead to lethal health repercussions. Since March 2020, the number of calls to poison centers regarding exposure to disinfectants and cleaners escalated. Though poison centers and most health organizations provide professional advice concerning handling chemical substances, 2020 has seen an increase of 108% for all disinfectants and 40% for all cleaners concerning exposure. The manufacturers of detergents and disinfectants are currently facing tough global competition. The focus is on who will provide cleaners and disinfectants with the most stringent chemicals to destroy all types of bacteria and viruses. This is quite contradictory because high amounts of chemicals come with more cases of poisoning. That said, there are essential factors that separate Enviro Safe LLC, disinfecting from the competition.


Most disinfectants can cause allergic symptoms, which become fatal in some cases. For instance, formaldehyde is a common chemical found in most cleaning products. This chemical can cause skin irritation and worse allergic symptoms in the eyes, nose, ears, and throat when inhaled. Eco-friendly products are less likely to cause allergic symptoms, as all the ingredients are organic. Enviro Safe LLC, disinfecting is safe for family members with allergies because they are free from harmful dyes and fragrances.

Reduce Indoor Pollution

Indoor pollution is as harmful as pollution that occurs outside our homes. Dust mites, fuel, pet dander, asbestos, and radon, among other particles, can cause severe health problems. Typically, people use detergents with various chemicals to clean their homes, forgetting that the same chemicals contain dangerous substances. Using eco-friendly cleaners will save you from dealing with chemicals that increase indoor air pollution. The organic cleaners work as effective as the chemical-containing detergents but leave no damage.


Protecting the environment is one of the top priorities of nations across the globe. By now, most of us know that regular detergents are harmful to the environment. Some chemicals from the cleaning products volatilize into the air while others deposit into waterways, thus endangering the aquatic eco-system. For instance, phosphates deposited in waterways increase algae growth, which release too many toxins and uses up much of the oxygen that is important for aquatic life. Natural disinfectants and detergents are more effective because they are free from hazardous chemicals to plants, air, and waterways.

Non-hazardous to the Respiratory System

Our lungs suffer the most due to the continuous use of regular cleaners and disinfectants. Asthma is the most common respiratory disease caused by the inhalation of chemicals from cleaning products. The World Health Organization also lists chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and lung disease as some of the fatal complications of cleaning products. In 2011, Sri Lanka reported 115 cases of fatal human self-poisoning with a washing powder that contained 1.2g 0f potassium permanganate and 12.5g of oxalic acid. Unfortunately, 18 0f the 115 patients succumbed due to severe respiratory damage. Such cases ought to increase the awareness of using natural cleaners and disinfectants to prevent fatal respiratory diseases.

Natural Cleaners are Gentle to your Skin

Most cleaners and disinfectants can be rough on your skin. At times, even a gentle cleanser can irritate your skin if you are too sensitive. Chemical substances such as Ammonia, hydrochloric acid, hypochloric acid, phenol, and petroleum solvents can lead to contact dermatitis. Cleaning and keeping yourself safe from bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms should not come at a price. This is one of the reasons a standard cleaner is not a match for Enviro Safe disinfectants. No one wants to deal with rough skin and other complications caused by cleaning products. This is why eco-friendly cleaning products are here to protect you from the most notorious chemicals.

Enviro Safe Disinfectants are Cost-effective

Enviro Safe LLC will work with your company to bring you a customized plan for your facility. Whether it is an office, a nursing home, a hospital, or your home, Enviro Safe LLC will get you the best price possible on your disinfectant needs.

Natural Cleaners are Pet-friendly

Animals are susceptible when it comes to contact with chemicals. Most cleaning products harm pets as they do to human beings. It is devastating to watch your pet suffocate or experience fatal allergic reactions due to the substance you used for cleaning. Pets are not as careful as human beings; therefore, it is impossible to protect themselves from hazardous fumes and liquids. Their natural state of curiosity and lack of awareness makes them more likely to ingest or come in contact with substances that harm their health. Pets are smaller and closer to lawns, carpets, floors, and other restricted areas, making them more endangered regarding chemicals. With eco-friendly cleaning products, it is less likely that your pets will be exposed to dangerous toxins.

With the ongoing global crisis, it is vital to keep safe by observing health regulations concerning physical distance and using proper disinfectants and detergents to suppress viruses and harmful bacteria. However, some of the products may cause unexpected health complications. Nevertheless, Enviro SafeLLC, disinfecting beats the odds by providing powerful yet chemical-free solutions, thus protecting the environment and preventing health complications.

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