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What Is Deodorizing and Why You Need It

Deodorizing is the process of masking and eliminating odor in an area. It can be used to eliminate odor in a home, workplace, or any other area that needs it. If you manage a building or own a house that has an odor you need to be eliminated, deodorizing is the way to go. Read on to find out how deodorizing works and how you can start deodorizing your home or workplace today.

Why Is Deodorizing Needed?

It’s common to find unusual and unappealing smells in work or home environments. It most commonly happens by bacteria being left to breed and creating a foul sell. Sometimes the cleaning process of an area isn’t up to par or there is no cleaning process at all. This is a prime situation where you can commonly find could odors in an area.

Certain areas in houses and establishments are known to smell worse than others. You might tell the janitor of the building you maintenance that they need to focus on a specific area, but doing this might only mask the odor and not eliminate it for good. Unless the janitor knows exactly where the root of the problem is, this is only a temporary solution and bacteria will continue to breed and produce an even worse smell.

Deodorizing Your Home

Houses are common places that foul odors can really build up. Nobody wants to invite guests or family members over to a home that doesn’t smell good and seems unclean. Deodorizing your home could consist of an entire house project or a specific room at a time, depending on how foul the smell is.

If you don’t have enough time to deep clean an area and remove bacteria from it, there are ways to deodorize it quickly. Keep in mind that these are only temporary fixes, but will last longer than other fixes. One thing you can do is to use an odor eliminator. Odor eliminators contain molecules that capture bad smells and leave good scents behind. These odor eliminators have become very popular over the last few years and can be used anywhere. Typically, they come in a spray can and are sold at most supply stores. The thing to keep in mind when it comes to spraying an odor eliminator is that it’s only a temporary fix. It’s a really good temporary fix, but it won’t last forever. That’s why it’s perfect for a house or a specific area of a house. It can be sprayed before the company comes over and it will last much longer than other methods like air fresheners. This is because it’s doing much more than just masking the smell, it’s capturing it for a certain period of time.

Still, to completely deodorize a house you need to find the source of the smell. This could be from mold, urine, dander, or a variety of other things commonly found inside of a household. Locating the source and deep cleaning is the only way to make sure the smell is completely eliminated.

Deodorizing Your Workplace

Opposed to a house, if you want to deodorize your workplace, the process will be a little different. Workplaces tend to be bigger than most houses and you won’t be able to use a quick fix like an odor eliminator. Deodorizing your workplace will be a much more tedious task that can be started by using an odor eliminator but must be finished soon after by finding the source of the smell.

Common ways to locate the source of a smell in the workplace is to consider your options. Urine is a very common smell in a workplace because everyone uses the bathrooms but not everyone has the same bathroom etiquette. If you suspect urine is the cause of the smell, deep cleaning the bathrooms is the way to go.

However, a less common source that is still possible could just be water. Yes, water damage can cause foul odors if not quickly attended to. On top of that, it’s difficult to locate early water damage because it won’t have a smell immediately. Stagnant water can allow bacteria to grow in it that will breed and produce a repulsive odor if not tended to, but how can you find it? You might need to close the building down and do a complete inspection, it’s tedious work but it’ll be worth it when you find the source of the odor.

Disinfectant Deodorizer

Now that you’ve located the source of your odor, how do you remove it? It needs to be disinfected. Purchasing a disinfectant deodorizer doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. There are many solutions that are commonly sold and can be used to deep clean an area quickly. One of the most common cleaning chemicals on the market is bleach. Bleach kills quickly and effectively. However, bleach also sometimes stains. This is one thing to keep in mind when you’re disinfecting to deodorize. For example, if you’re disinfecting a white surface with bleach, it’s good to understand that there is a possibility of staining that surface. Bleach sometimes stains white and turns it yellow. You might not want to use bleach to disinfect any lighter surfaces. Also, a disinfectant deodorizer is a powerful chemical that can’t be mixed with anything else. It’s dangerous and potentially fatal to mix two of these substances together.

Another thing to consider is how you might disinfect specific areas. Things like carpets needs to be handled with proper care to make sure they are properly cleaned and not ruined. Especially because odors really sit in carpets well and can be held this for very long times. Look for specific carpet or fabric cleaner that is guaranteed to disinfect without ruining your favorite fabrics. Do the same with drain cleaners and air cleaners so that you’re using the best product for the best areas. You won’t regret using the right product to clean the right area when you start to notice a positive change in smells in your workplace or home.

After Disinfecting

So now that the area has been deep cleaned, deodorized, and disinfected, what do you do to make sure it stays this way? The best way to make sure your workplace or home remains smelling good and clean is to create a cleaning schedule and stick to it. This means twice a week you should be disinfecting or cleaning. If you noticed that some areas tend to smell worse than others, it would be a great idea to focus more on those areas so that you can deodorize before any foul odors begin to develop.

With specific areas like bathrooms, it might need more than cleaning twice a week. Bathrooms have been known to house foul odors and nasty smells. These areas might need to be cleaned every day to ensure that no foul odors build up.

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