Sanitizing and Disinfecting | What Really Kills Pathogens

sanitizing and disinfecting Fairfax VA

In light of recent events, we know that cleaning is more important than ever. However, many approaches simply don’t get the job done. Let us take a close and detailed look at 12 things about sanitizing and disinfecting and what really kills pathogens. #1 What is sanitizing? To start things off, sanitizing is done with…

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Sanitize and Disinfect | What to do Now that Business Are Reopening

Sanitize and Disinfect Sanitization vs Disinfection

The Best Ways to Disinfect Your Business Before Reopening After months of quarantine and lockdown, the country is slowly starting to reopen, with businesses welcoming back customers who will be learning a “new normal” when it comes to dealing with the effects of Covid-19. While customers may be eager to get back to their old…

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What Disinfecting Your Home Really Means

disinfecting your home fairfax VA

Perhaps, you have assumed that you cannot afford to hire a professional cleaning agency. However let’s be honest, time is money. You have been working for long hours, the last thing you would prefer doing is to spend another day cleaning and vacuuming. Hiring a professional cleaning service makes this balancing act simpler since you…

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Home Disinfecting Service | How to Stay Healthy During the Pandemic

homes disinfecting service

Amidst the COVID-19 virus, many regions have issued a mandatory quarantine around the world. Although this pandemic is nothing to overlook, you shouldn’t be fearful during this time. Just because you are being asked to shelter in place doesn’t mean that you have to be still. There are still ways to stay healthy during the…

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Professional Disinfectant Service | Enviro Safe LLC

professional disinfectant service

We have all heard by now the coronavirus that has infected over 200,000 of people around the world can remain for hours and sometimes days on doorknobs, handrails, keyboards, elevator buttons and other hard surfaces, just waiting to be passed on to someone else. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns, “By touching…

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How to Best Protect Yourself against the Coronavirus

How to Best Protect Yourself against the Coronavirus With the WHO officially declaring COVID-19 a pandemic, people all over the world are scrambling to find out ways on how to protect themselves against the coronavirus. As the threat is becoming more widespread, the government and healthcare authorities are taking the best possible measures to limit…

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Why Hiring a Professional Disinfectant Company is Important

Why Hiring a Professional Disinfectant Company is Important As the COVID-19 outbreak is becoming more and more widespread, there is a lot of disinfection going on. Whether it is at homes or in businesses, everyone is looking for ways to disinfect their spaces to ensure maximum protection against the novel coronavirus. However, when it comes…

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